To Mesh, or Not To Mesh…

There lies the dilemma. You’ve taken the plunge and are wearing a mesh body. Now where do you find clothes to wear?

There are two kinds of mesh clothing: static mesh, and fitted—or skinned—mesh. Static mesh means that you have no control over fitting it to your body. In other words, if none of the 3 or 4 or 5 sizes of the item that usually come with the purchase fits, you’ll have to edit your shape to fit. Fitted mesh adapts itself to your body. If you change your avatar to make your breasts larger, for example, the dress you’re wearing will automagically adapt itself to the new dimensions of your body. Here’s an example:


This is part of my inventory. Notice I’ve customized it so that I keep all of my Maitreya-specific clothes together. See the item !Rebel Hope – Libby Mesh Heels_Maitreya? These shoes are fitted mesh specifically for the Maitreya body.

Compare them with this:

inventory 2

This is an example of static mesh. It requires you to add an Alpha layer (which may or may not work with your avatar) and comes in 5 sizes—none of which is specifically designed to fit your avatar. That means you may need to edit your appearance in order to wear them and have them fit correctly.

The bottom line for me? I only ever purchase clothes that are specifically designed for the Maitreya mesh body.

For Further Reading

For more details on mesh, see these sources:

And that’s it for now. None of the above are hard and fast rules; like everything else in SL, experiment and try things for yourself.

My next post will cover where to find mesh clothing, especially for the Maitreya mesh body.



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